Tauern motorway

Everything you need to know about the route toll

by Helga Meyer, mautwelt.de - 11 June 2024  

The Tauern motorway (A10) is one of Austria's most important traffic arteries and connects the north and south of the country through the Alps. The A10 is around 192 kilometres long. Due to its location and the associated high construction and maintenance costs, a toll is charged on certain sections of the motorway.

Route toll on the A10 Tauern motorway 

The Tauern motorway (A10) is one of Austria's central traffic arteries and plays a key role in connecting northern and southern Austria. The two major tunnels on this route are particularly well known: the Tauern Tunnel and the Katschberg Tunnel. Both sections are subject to tolls. To ensure a smooth journey, we recommend that you book the route toll in advance and find out about the costs involved. 

The route toll on the Tauern motorway is an essential part of financing and maintaining this important Alpine connection. Thanks to the toll, the tunnels and roads can be kept in excellent condition, which ultimately benefits all users. With good planning and knowledge of the payment methods, nothing stands in the way of a stress-free and safe journey. Enjoy the impressive scenery of the Alps and travel safely on the Tauern motorway!

The importance of the Tauern motorway

The A10 motorway runs from Salzburg in the north to Villach in the south and crosses the impressive landscape of the Austrian Alps, the journey alone is a visual eye-catcher, the scenery all around is wonderful. It is not only an important route for international transit traffic, but also a popular route for holidaymakers travelling to the ski resorts or summer destinations in the Alps.

Toll sections of the Tauern motorway

On the Tauern motorway, the toll mainly affects two central tunnel sections: 

  1. Tauern Tunnel: With a length of around 6.4 kilometres, the Tauern Tunnel is one of the longest road tunnels in Austria. It is located between the Flachau and Zederhaus junctions. 
  2. Katschberg Tunnel: This tunnel is around 5.9 kilometres long and connects the St. Michael im Lungau and Rennweg am Katschberg junctions. 

These tunnels were particularly cost-intensive during the construction phase and remain so in terms of maintenance; these costs are partly covered by the route toll.

Toll amount and payment modalities

For cars, the route toll is currently 12.50 euros (as of 2024) for a single journey. HGVs and buses pay higher charges depending on the number of axles and weight. 

There are various payment options: 

  • Credit card: All major credit cards are accepted. 
  • Video toll: An electronic toll collection system that enables fast transit. The licence plate number is registered and the toll is debited automatically. This option requires prior online registration.

What the A10 Tauern motorway has to offer

The drive along the Tauern motorway (A10) offers an impressive variety of landscapes and sights. Here are some of the highlights you can see along the motorway: 

  1. Salzburg foothills of the Alps: Green hills and picturesque villages characterise the landscape in the northern section of the motorway. The city of Salzburg, known as the birthplace of Mozart, is close to the motorway and is famous for its baroque architecture and the Hohensalzburg Fortress.
  2. Berchtesgaden Alps: The striking Untersberg, which lies on the border between Germany and Austria and offers an impressive sight.
  3. Tennengebirge: To the east of the motorway you can see the imposing Dachstein massif with its snow-covered peaks.
  4. Radstädter Tauern: Radstadt is a historic town with a well-preserved old town that is well worth a detour, the Obertauern is a well-known ski resort that is a popular holiday destination, especially in winter.
  5. Lungau: The Salzburger Lungau Biosphere Reserve is known for its unspoilt nature and traditional alpine landscapes.
  6. Katschberg: The Katschberghöhe is another important winter sports resort that attracts numerous tourists, especially in winter, with its pistes and cross-country ski trails.
  7. Carinthia: Lake Millstätter See is a large, picturesque lake that is ideal for water sports and relaxation. The historic town of Spittal an der Drau offers sights such as Porcia Castle.
  8. Villach: Lake Ossiach is a beautiful lake near Villach, known for its clear water quality and recreational opportunities. The Dobratsch is a nature park and popular hiking destination with breathtaking views.

The journey along the Tauern motorway alternates between impressive mountain panoramas, deep green valleys, idyllic lakes and charming villages. This varied landscape makes the route not only an important transport link, but also a journey with many interesting views and stops along the way.

Planning your trip

It is important for travellers on the Tauern motorway to find out in advance about the toll obligation and payment options. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Pre-registration for video toll: This saves time and enables smooth passage. 
  • Note peak travelling times: Especially during the main holiday periods, there may be an increased volume of traffic, particularly during current roadworks. You should therefore plan for possible waiting times. 

The Mautwelt.de team wishes you a safe journey on the A10 motorway in Austria, enjoy the scenery and drive carefully.

Picture credits : Headerbild: @ Andy Ilmberger / adobe.stock.com & Tunnel @ Kruwt / adobe.stock.com & Bridge @ Andy Ilmberger / Wikipedia