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Austria has a strict obligation for Vignettes on most highways and interstates. You can book the Vignette for Austria in the  web shop Here you can book the digital Vignette and the separate distance-based tolls in Austria in few steps. Order now your e-vignette for Austria and drive.

In 3 steps to your e-vignette for Austria

Choose the e-vignette or distance based toll for Austria

Choose the vehicle category and the validity period

Pay via credit card, Paypal or instant bank transfer.

With the e-vignette for Austria you can go on holiday or enjoy your trip without thinking about toll

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Vignette for Austria – your advantages from mautwelt

  • Safe time: You receive the digital Vignette for Austria with few clicks. The digital Vignette can be directly valid. You can drive promptly after receiving the Vignette via email and avoid stopping at the gas station to buy a classic sticker Vignette.
  • Flexibility: You can choose a desired validity period when ordering. There is no notice time.
  • Vehicle change: automatic transfer from one vehicle to another. The e-vignette is not limited to a vehicle, but to the license plate. If you change the license plate from one vehicle to another, the e-vignette is also valid for the other vehicle, as long as it has the license plate for which you booked
  • No annoying removal: You safe time and effort as there is no need for a removal of the e-vignette.
  • No substitution required: if your windscreen is getting replaced you do not have to organize a substitution of the e-vignette, as it keeps its validity.

Vignette obligation in Austria – the most important information

On almost all Austrian highways and interstates is a vignette obligation. That means that vehicles up to and including 3,5 tons need a valid Vignette. Violations will be penalized. There are few exceptions of the Vignette obligation in Austria. Here you can read who is obliged to have a valid Vignette and which routes are excepted.

Who is obliged to have a valid Austrian Vignette?

Vehicles up to 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight require a vignette to use almost all expressways and highways in Austria. This can be purchased as an sticker vignette, for example at Austrian gas stations, and is affixed to the inside of the windshield. Easier and more comfortable is the purchase of a digital vignette, also called e-vignette, which you can order with immediate validity simply and quickly from us. At mautwelt - your provider for e-vignettes - you have the choice between the daily vignette, monthly vignette and annual vignette.

Distance based tolls – exceptions from the vignette obligation

The following highway sections in Austria have been exempt from the vignette requirement since December 15, 2019:

  • A1 Westautobahn (border crossing Walserberg to Salzburg-Nord).
  • A 12 Inntal freeway (border crossing at Kiefersfelden to Kufstein-Süd)
  • A 14 (Hörbranz border crossing to Hohenems)
  • A 26 (Linz Westring - still under construction)

Driving without a toll sticker - toll checks and penalties in Austria

Paper vignettes and e-vignettes are randomly checked by the Austrian toll operator ASFINAG. Two types of checks can be carried out. Those who have not booked a valid vignette during a check in Austria face severe fines of up to € 3,000.

Manual controls

Around 100 employees of the ASFINAG Service and Control Service stop vehicles at random and check whether a valid paper or e-vignette has been booked.

Automated controls by camera systems

There are 20 mobile vignette control cameras that automatically detect whether a valid paper or e-vignette is present. The locations of the control cameras on Austrian roads vary regularly.

Check your digital vignette - validity check of the e-vignette for Austria.

With the introduction of the e-vignette in Austria, it is possible to check the validity of the e-vignette at ASFINAG. The e-vignette validity check allows you to query whether there is a valid e-vignette or digital route toll for your vehicle and for which period by entering the vehicle license plate number.

The vignette obligation for various vehiclese

Vehicles from 3.5 tons

Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tons must pay a distance based toll in Austria by means of a toll box. You can order the toll box for Austria from our partner

Trikes, Quads & Co.

Since 2020, trikes and all vehicles with three wheels, such as Piaggio MP3, are considered single-track motor vehicles and require the motorcycle vignette. Quads, on the other hand, require a passenger car vignette regardless of the track width.

Buy special tolls online as an addition to the vignette

In addition to the vignette, special tolls are charged on some stretches of road in Austria.

For these special toll routes, you can easily book the digital route toll, which is also called video toll, online with us. With the booked digital route toll you can use already opened as well as all green marked lanes on Austrian roads. The lanes are monitored by camera systems and the barrier opens automatically as soon as your license plate is recognized. You save annoying waiting times at the toll station and paying the toll on site!

  •  A 13 Brenner freeway 
  • A 10 Tauern freeway 
  • S 16 Arlberg expressway 
  • A 11 Karawanken freeway – driving direction south 
  • A 9 Pyhrn highway – Busruck and Gleinalm 
  • A 9 Pyhrn freeway - Gleinalm 
  • A 9 Phyrn freeway – Bosruck

Prices for e-vignettes and route tolls

Below you will find an overview of the prices for e-vignettes as well as route toll prices for Austria including booking fees:


10-Day e-vignette passenger car
Price ➔ 9.60 € (from 01/12/2022: 9.90 €)
Booking service ➔ 3.00 €
2-month e-vignette car
Price ➔ 28.20 € (from 01/12/2022: 29.00 €)
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
Yearly e-vignette passenger car
Price ➔ 93.80 € (from 01/12/2022: 96.40 €)
Booking service➔ 12.00 €
10-day e-vignette motorcycle
Price ➔ 5.60 € (from 01/12/2022: 5.80 €)
Booking service ➔ 6.00 €
2-month e-vignette motorcycle
Price ➔ 14.10 € (from 01/12/2022: 14.50 €)
Booking service ➔ 9.00 €
Yearly e-vignette motorcylce
Price ➔ 37.20 € (from 01/12/2022: 38.20 €)
Booking service ➔ 11.00 €

Route toll

A13 Brenner freeway 1 trip
Price ➔ 11.00 €
Booking service ➔ 8.00 €
A13 Brenner freeway 2 trips
Price ➔ 22.00 €
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
A13 Brenner freeway annual pass
Price ➔ 114.00 €
Booking service ➔ 12.00 €
A10 Tauern freeway 1 trip
Price ➔ 13.50 €
Booking service ➔ 8.00 €
A10 Tauern freeway 2 trips
Price ➔ 27.00 €
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
A10 Tauern freeway annual ticket
Price ➔ 120.00 €
Booking service ➔ 12.00 €
S16 Arlberg expressway 1 trip
Price ➔ 11.50 €
Booking service ➔ 8.00 €
S16 Arlberg expressway 2 trips
Price ➔ 23.00 €
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
S16 Arlberg expressway annual pass
Price ➔ 114.00 €
Booking service ➔ 12.00 €
A11 Karawanken highway - driving direction south
Price ➔ 7.80 €
Booking service ➔ 7.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Bosruck and Gleinalm 1 trip
Price ➔ 17.00 €
Booking service ➔ 9.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway- Bosruck and Gleinalm 2 trips
Price ➔ 34.00 €
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
A9 Pyhrn freeway - Bosruck and Gleinalm annual ticket
Price ➔ 114.00 €
Booking service ➔ 12.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Gleinalm 1 trip
Price ➔ 10.50 €
Booking service ➔ 8.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Gleinalm 2 trips
Price ➔ 21.00 €
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Bosruck 1 trips
Price ➔ 6.50 €
Booking service ➔ 7.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Bosruck 2 trips
Price ➔ 13.00 €
Booking service ➔ 9.00 €

Benefit from the advantages of the digital vignette for Austria

The digital vignette for Austria is a great way to save time and money when traveling on Austrian highways. Best of all, the digital vignette can be purchased online with just a few clicks. In addition to the e-Vignette for Austria, you can also find digital vignettes for the Czech Republic or for Slovenia, as well as many other European countries. Do you still have questions about the digital vignette? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section.

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