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Austria, a popular holiday destination, borders eight European countries: Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia and Liechtenstein, making it an important "transit country" for travellers on their way to neighbouring countries. There is a strict vignette obligation on most motorways and motorways in Austria. 

You can book the Vignette for Austria at the local toll booths or in the web shop Here you can easily book the digital Vignette for Austria online in just a few steps.

With the exception of a few sections near the border, motorbikes, cars and motorhomes up to 3.5 tonnes total weight are required to display a toll sticker on all motorways and motorways in Austria. Trailers and caravans do not require an additional vignette on Austrian motorways; the correct marking of the towing vehicle is relevant here. For large motorhomes, lorries or buses weighing more than 3.5 tonnes, a route-dependent toll is charged, which can be settled with the help of a toll box from our partner

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Vignette obligation in Austria – the most important information


On almost all Austrian highways and interstates is a vignette obligation. That means that vehicles up to and including 3,5 tons need a valid Vignette. Violations will be penalized. 

There are few exceptions of the Vignette obligation in Austria. Here you can read who is obliged to have a valid Vignette and which routes are excepted.

Who is obliged to have a valid Austrian Vignette?

Vehicles up to 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight require a vignette to use almost all expressways and highways in Austria. This can be purchased as an sticker vignette, for example at Austrian gas stations, and is affixed to the inside of the windshield. Easier and more comfortable is the purchase of a digital vignette, also called e-vignette, which you can order with immediate validity simply and quickly from us. 

At mautwelt - your provider for e-vignettes - you currently have the choice between the digital 2-month vignette and annual vignette.

Compulsory vignette already since 1997

Vignettes have been compulsory in Austria since 1997, when they were still available at "cheap" annual prices of 550 schillings (about 40 euros) for cars and 220 schillings for motorbikes. 

Founded in 1982, the Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft (ASFiNAG) is responsible for the planning, construction, operation and tolling of the Austrian motorway and motorway network and is owned by the Republic of Austria as a so-called "infrastructure company". 

Since its introduction in 2018, the e-vignette registers the vehicle registration number in ASFiNAG's database. As soon as you have crossed the Austrian border with your vehicle and enter a motorway in Austria, your number plate is recorded by an automated camera system, compared with the database and checked whether you have correctly complied with the vignette obligation. 

If the comparison is positive, the licence plate will be deleted again; if the search result is negative, a so-called "substitute toll" of 120 euros will be charged and sent by post via a holder query.

Distance based route tolls – exceptions from the vignette obligation

The following highway sections in Austria have been exempt from the vignette requirement since December 15, 2019:

  • A1 Westautobahn (border crossing Walserberg to Salzburg-Nord).
  • A 12 Inntal freeway (border crossing at Kiefersfelden to Kufstein-Süd)
  • A 14 (Hörbranz border crossing to Hohenems)
  • A 26 (Linz Westring - still under construction)

Driving without a toll sticker - toll checks and penalties in Austria

Paper vignettes and e-vignettes are randomly checked by the Austrian toll operator ASFINAG. Two types of checks can be carried out. Those who have not booked a valid Austria vignette during a check in Austria face severe fines of up to € 3,000.


Manual controls

Around 100 employees of the ASFINAG Service and Control Service stop vehicles at random and check whether a valid paper or e-vignette has been booked.


Automated controls by camera systems

There are 20 mobile vignette control cameras that automatically detect whether a valid paper or e-vignette is present. The locations of the control cameras on Austrian roads vary regularly.

Check your digital vignette - validity check of the e-vignette for Austria.

With the introduction of the e-vignette in Austria, it is possible to check the validity of the e-vignette at ASFINAG. The e-vignette validity check allows you to query whether there is a valid e-vignette or digital route toll for your vehicle and for which period by entering the vehicle license plate number.

Driving through Austria without a toll sticker - is that possible?

In Austria, tolls are compulsory on most motorways and motorways, with the exception of a few short sections on motorways close to the border. Alternatively, Austria can also be travelled on the country roads, which, however, leads to a significant increase in the required travel time due to slow traffic (lorries or tractors), road works on the route or driving through towns and cities with stops at traffic lights.

On the way, however, pay attention to the toll signs so that you don't accidentally drive onto a toll motorway or motorway, which can easily happen in a roundabout if you make the wrong turn and can lead to fines in the triple-digit range during inspections.

This alternative only applies to motorbikes, cars and motorhomes up to a total weight of 3.5 tonnes; all vehicles with a higher weight are subject to a route toll in Austria.

For a better idea: the total length of all motorways in Austria is a good 1,750 kilometres, which are supplemented by another 500 kilometres of motorways and over 180 tunnels (as of 2024).


Austria vignette obligation for various vehicles


Vehicles from 3.5 tons

Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tons must pay a distance based route toll in Austria by means of a toll box. You can order the toll box for Austria from our partner


Trikes, Quads & Co.

Since 2020, trikes and all vehicles with three wheels, such as Piaggio MP3, are considered single-track motor vehicles and require the motorcycle vignette. Quads, on the other hand, require a passenger car vignette regardless of the track width.

Buy special tolls online as an addition to the vignette

In addition to the Austria vignette, special tolls are charged on some stretches of road in Austria.

For these special toll routes, you can book a digital route toll, which is also called video toll, online in advance. With the booked digital route toll you can use already opened as well as all green marked lanes on Austrian roads. The lanes are monitored by camera systems and the barrier opens automatically as soon as your license plate is recognized. You save annoying waiting times at the toll station and paying the route toll on site!

  •  A 13 Brenner freeway 
  • A 10 Tauern freeway 
  • S 16 Arlberg expressway 
  • A 11 Karawanken freeway – driving direction south 
  • A 9 Pyhrn highway – Busruck and Gleinalm 
  • A 9 Pyhrn freeway - Gleinalm 
  • A 9 Phyrn freeway – Bosruck

In our blog post "The A13 Brenner motoway - Busy transit route from Austria over the Brenner Pass to Italy" you can find out more about one of the first mountain motorways in the world, the special features on the route and your options for paying the Brenner toll as a special charge for using it.

You can also find more information about the A9 Pyhrn motorway and the S16 Arlberg motorway as well as the planned toll for the B179 Fernpass road from 2028 in our blog.

Additional mountain passes subject to tolls

Additional tolls are charged for some mountain passes. Please check opening times (most mountain passes are closed in winter!) and permits for large vehicles such as motorhomes and cars with trailers before setting off! 

Mautstelle an einer mautpflichtigen Alpenstrasse

  • Dachsteinstraße 
  • Felbertauernstraße 
  • Gerlos Alpenstraße 
  • Großglockner Hochalpenstraße 
  • Maltatal Hochalmstraße 
  • Nockalmstraße 
  • Silvretta Hochalpenstraße 
  • Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße 
  • Villacher Alpenstraße

Frequently asked questions about the vignette obligation in Austria 

Who is responsible for controlling the toll in Austria?

In Austria, regular checks ensure that all users of the motorways and motorways (vehicles of all types) pay the toll due for them properly. The Service and Control Management (SKD) of the Austrian ASFiNAG is responsible for this. This SKD team consists of 100 people and is on the road throughout Austria to carry out toll checks on motorways and motorways. Within the framework of these control trips, all users of ASFINAG's motorways and motorways are provided with assistance, advice and information: in addition, breakdown assistance is on the agenda and, if necessary, the SKD also provides first aid.

Is there also an automatic vignette control in addition?

In addition to the manual check by the SKD, the (e-)vignette is also checked with currently 9 camera systems whose locations change every 1 to 2 weeks. The camera system is mounted above a lane and checks two-lane vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. All vehicles without a valid vignette are automatically detected by the recording system. Only in justified cases of suspicion are images taken and stored by the system: an overview image with licence plate number and a detailed image of the windscreen. The evidence images are then checked again at the ASFINAG Enforcement Centre.

What rights do ASFiNAG inspectors have during a vehicle inspection?

During a toll inspection, the representatives of the SKD are entitled to clarify the identity of the vehicle owner or holder - for example, by asking to see an official photo ID. In particular, the following may also be checked: Registration Vignette of the car Type certificate of the truck Electronic toll payment device (GO-Box) Tachograph EC control device Replacement tolls due to missing/incorrectly affixed/manipulated toll stickers may be collected on site and, if necessary, drivers may even be completely prevented from continuing their journey by means of suitable measures such as wheel clamps or the removal of vehicle documents. If the immediate payment of a replacement toll is refused on the spot, administrative penal proceedings may be initiated.

What is a substitute toll?

Substitute tolling is an alternative payment method for using toll roads if you do not have a valid vignette or forget to pass a toll station. A higher fee is charged than the regular toll. 

How high are the replacement tolls for cars, motorhomes and motorbikes?

 In the event of a missing or expired vignette or route toll Car or motorhome: 120 euros Motorbike: 65 Euro In case of manipulation of the vignette Car or motorhome: 240 Euro Motorbike: 130 Euro If the corresponding amounts are not paid immediately on the spot or cannot be paid on the spot, high administrative fines will follow. These can range from 300 euros to 3,000 euros. Our recommendation: Take advantage of our offer to purchase vignettes and route tolls in advance on mautwelt and enjoy a relaxed journey within Austria.

How much does the replacement toll for motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (motor homes, trucks and buses) cost? 

For the use of toll routes without authorisation, it is possible to pay the toll retroactively within five hours and 100 kilometres (for example at one of the GO sales points). An incorrectly declared number of axles can be paid in arrears within 96 hours, but this requires an existing contract with an active toll box. Our tip: Avoid unnecessary penalties and hassle! You can order a suitable toll box for Austria, which can also be used in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, from our partner The amount of the replacement toll due depends on the incident in question: No toll box available or insufficient credit: 240 euros Number of axles for vehicle set too low: 120 euros If the corresponding replacement toll is not paid immediately, administrative fines of 300 euros to 3,000 euros may follow.

What are the tolls for the Brenner freeway?

The motorway toll for driving on the Brenner motorway is also known as the Brenner toll. The motorway is divided into two toll sections: the Brenner motorway A13 - on the Austrian side and the Brenner motorway A22 - on the Italian side. If you are travelling from Austria towards Italy in a vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tonnes, you will need a section toll to drive on the motorway. Alternatively, multi-ticket and annual passes are also available. The use of the Brenner motorway A22 (Italy) - also known as the Autostrada del Brennero - depends on the route. The final toll charge is therefore calculated when you leave the motorway.

Please note: Driving ban on rural roads for through travellers on weekends during the peak travel season

During the summer and partly also winter months, there is a driving ban on rural roads for cars, motorbikes and trucks on all weekends in Austria in the province of Tyrol for people travelling through to Italy. This measure was taken to protect local residents from the heavy holiday traffic or increased traffic on traffic jam detour routes. 

Those who are on holiday locally in Kufstein, Reutte or Innsbruck and can prove this, e.g. with a booking confirmation at controls, can pass the barriers.

E-Vignette Austria – your advantages from mautwelt

  • Safe time: You receive the digital Vignette Austria (currently 2 months and 1 year) with few clicks. The digital Vignette can be directly valid. You can drive promptly after receiving the Vignette via email and avoid stopping at the gas station to buy a classic sticker Vignette.

  • Flexibility: You can choose a desired validity period when ordering. There is no notice time.

  • Vehicle change: automatic transfer from one vehicle to another. The e-vignette is not limited to a vehicle, but to the license plate. If you change the license plate from one vehicle to another, the e-vignette is also valid for the other vehicle, as long as it has the license plate for which you booked.

  • More convenience: You save yourself the time-consuming task of scratching off the classic paper vignettes to stick on the windscreen after the validity period has expired.

  • No substitution required: if your windscreen is getting replaced you do not have to organize a substitution of the e-vignette, as it keeps its validity.
Bild mit Autobahn in Österreich

Still unsure which Austria e-vignette is right for you?

In our blog post "E-vignettes for Austria - the agony of choice" we take a closer look at the different vignette options for Austria (10 days, 2 months, 1 year and NEW from 2024: 1 day) and help you decide which e-vignette is best for your indivdual travel needs (e.g. holiday or business trip).

Prices for e-vignettes and route tolls

Below you will find an overview of the prices for e-vignettes as well as route toll prices for Austria including booking fees:


1-Day e-vignette passenger car
(currently not available online)
Price ➔ 8.60 €

10-Day e-vignette passenger car
(currently not available online)
Price ➔ 11.50 € 

2-Month e-vignette car
Price ➔  28.90 € 
Booking service ➔ 10.00 €
Yearly e-vignette passenger car
Price ➔  96.40 €
Booking service➔ 12.00 €
1-Day e-vignette motorcycle
(currently not available online)
Price ➔  3.40 €

10-Day e-vignette motorcycle
(currently not available online)
Price ➔  4.60 € 

2-Month e-vignette motorcycle
Price ➔  11.50 € 
Booking service ➔ 9.00 €
Yearly e-vignette motorcylce
Price ➔  38.50 € 
Booking service ➔ 11.00 €

Route toll (currently not available online)

A13 Brenner freeway 1 trip
Price ➔ 11.00 €
A13 Brenner freeway 2 trips
Price ➔ 22.00 €
A13 Brenner freeway annual pass
Price ➔ 66.00 €
A10 Tauern freeway 1 trip
Price ➔ 13.50 €
A10 Tauern freeway 2 trips
Price ➔ 27.00 €
A10 Tauern freeway annual ticket
Price ➔ 81.00 €
S16 Arlberg expressway 1 trip
Price ➔ 11.50 €
S16 Arlberg expressway 2 trips
Price ➔ 23.00 €
S16 Arlberg expressway annual pass
Price ➔ 69.00 €
A11 Karawanken highway - driving direction south
Price ➔ 8.20 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Bosruck and Gleinalm 1 trip
Price ➔ 17.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway- Bosruck and Gleinalm 2 trips
Price ➔ 34.00 €
A9 Pyhrn freeway - Bosruck and Gleinalm annual ticket
Price ➔ 71.50 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Gleinalm 1 trip
Price ➔ 10.50 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Gleinalm 2 trips
Price ➔ 21.00 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Bosruck 1 trips
Price ➔ 6.50 €
A9 Pyhrn motorway - Bosruck 2 trips
Price ➔ 13.00 €

Further information on the e-vignette Austria

Austria is both an important transit country for journeys to Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia and a popular travel destination, and when you cross the border you quickly find yourself on toll roads and motorways. To avoid a fine for driving without a toll sticker, we recommend that you order the appropriate toll stickers in advance. In addition, at you can obtain vignettes with immediate validity without a long waiting period of up to 18 days.

You can flexibly select the start of validity for the 2-month toll sticker when ordering, this applies to both motorbikes and cars. The annual vignette has a fixed validity period of 14 months, always from December 1st of the previous year until January 31st of the following year. If you are planning to travel to or through Austria next year, you can order beginning of December and make full use of your annual vignette.

Buy e-vignettes easily and online at

You too can use our offer at to buy the e-vignette for Austria. The ordering process is quick and easy. All you have to do is enter your details for the toll sticker, proceed to the checkout and your toll sticker is practically already available. Only a few steps are necessary in the order process, with which you order the e-vignette Austria: You select the vignette you want (currently 2 months or 1 year) enter your personal details and the registration number of your vehicle and submit your order.


We then register your number plate with the Austrian toll operator, which is linked to the corresponding e-vignette in the system - Done. The booking service includes the costs for applying for, managing and registering the e-vignette for Austria. You do not have to worry about anything else. You can use Sofort Banking, PayPal or your credit card as fast and secure payment options.

Benefit from the advantages of the digital vignette for Austria

The digital vignette Austria is a great way to save time and money when traveling on Austrian highways.

Best of all, the digital vignette Austria can be purchased online with just a few clicks.

In addition to the e-Vignette Austria, you can also find digital vignettes for the Czech Republic, for Slovenia or for Switzerland as well as many other European countries.

Do you still have questions about the digital vignette? You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section.

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