Digital vignette for Slovenia

Drivers traveling to Slovenia must purchase a vignette for Slovenia before they are allowed to use the country's highways. The vignette can be purchased at border crossings or simply online. 

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In a few steps to the e-vignette for Slovenia

When ordering, select the vehicle class and the desired validity of the e-vignette: 7-day, monthly, half-yearly or annual e-vignette.

Pay for the vignette conveniently with a credit card, via PayPal or by instant bank transfer.

In just a few minutes you will find the booked digital Slovenian vignette in your electronic mailbox.

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Buy the e-vignette for Slovenia online at mautwelt

If you are traveling by car in Slovenia, you need a valid e-vignette on most freeways and expressways. At mautwelt, you can buy your digital vignette for Slovenia quickly and easily online and benefit from numerous advantages such as the immediate validity of the e-vignette upon request, fast delivery by e-mail and the option of electronic payment.

Advantages at a glance

  • Immediate validity of the e-vignette
  • Fast delivery by e-mail  
  • Possibility of electronic payment
  • E-vignette for all toll categories  
  • Freely selectable validity periods
  • Uncomplicated processing

Buy the e-vignette for Slovenia online at mautwelt

If you are traveling by car in Slovenia, you need a valid e-vignette on most freeways and expressways. At mautwelt, you can buy your digital vignette for Slovenia quickly and easily online and benefit from numerous advantages such as the immediate validity of the e-vignette upon request, fast delivery by e-mail and the option of electronic payment.

Digital Vignette Slovenia - Slovenian Motorway Tolls

In Slovenia, tolls are charged for the use of freeways and expressways. Vehicles with a permissible total weight of up to 3.5 tons have to purchase an electronic vignette since December 2021. This can be ordered quickly and digitally in just a few steps from us. Anyone who is on the road without a valid vignette must expect a fine.

Vignette checks in Slovenia

The Slovenian authorities occasionally carry out spot checks to ensure that car and motorcycle drivers have purchased a digital vignette for the use of Slovenian roads. Control vehicles as well as roadside camera systems recognize your vehicle's license plate number and check whether a valid electronic vignette is registered for the time of the check. If there is a valid e-vignette for the vehicle, the data is automatically deleted. If there is no valid vignette, the driver will receive a penalty notice by mail or be fined on site. Therefore, you should make sure that you are in possession of a valid vignette before driving on Slovenian highways.

Driving without a vignette in Slovenia - Possible penalties.

Attention ☛
If you enter Slovenia without a valid e-vignette and use toll roads, you can expect severe penalties. These range from 300 to 800 euros. If you drive through the Karavanks Tunnel across the border into Slovenia, you are already on the Slovenian toll freeway on the other side and already need an e-vignette.

E-vignette Slovenia for different vehicle categories

The Slovenian vignette system differs from that of other EU countries, as vehicles subject to vignettes are divided into three vehicle categories here - also known as toll classes. You can find out which vehicle categories there are, what applies to trailers and heavy vehicles, and how long the annual vignette for Slovenia is valid for here.

Vehicle categories for the E-vignette - Choosing the right toll class

Category 1

Single-track motor vehicles, e.g. motorcycles and large scooters

Category 2A

Motor homes and two-lane motor vehicles up to a height of 1.30 m at the first axle, e.g. motor homes up to 3.5 t zGG, BMW X5 and Audi Q7

Category 2B

Two-lane motor vehicles over 1.30 m in height on the first axle, e.g. Fiat Ducato, VW T7

☛ Good to know

Motorhomes up to 3.5 t gross vehicle weight fall under category 2A, regardless of the height at the first axle. The decisive factor is whether the camping equipment is permanently installed. The entry in the vehicle registration document is not decisive.

Frequently asked questions about the vignette obligation in Slovenia

Does a separate vignette obligation apply in Slovenia for trailers?

According to Slovenian law, no separate electronic vignette is required for trailers. Therefore, you can use your valid vehicle vignette for the use of your trailer.

What is the vignette requirement for vehicles over 3.5 tons?

Vehicles over 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight must pay a route-related toll in Slovenia by means of a toll box. The distance-based toll system in Slovenia is called DarsGo. The toll box for Slovenia is available from the Slovenian toll operator DARS Go.

Alternative traffic in Slovenia - Is it worth driving on toll-free routes?

Using toll-free routes in Slovenia as an alternative way to avoid the vignette requirement is usually not a good idea. On the one hand, the signposting of the roads is often confusing. For another, driving on toll-free roads takes much longer because there are many towns, bottlenecks and numerous curves, as well as speed limits. In addition, stretches of road near toll roads are often monitored by the Slovenian police. Here you can get high fines even for unintentional violations.

How long is the Slovenian annual vignette valid?

The electronic annual vignette differs from the former vignette in that it is not bound to a calendar year. This means that you can use your e-vignette for 12 months from the time it is first issued - or from the date you choose - regardless of the date of purchase. Thus, an annual vignette booked on 25.02.2022 is valid until 24.02.2023.

Slovenia Vignette - Prices

The prices for Slovenian vignettes vary depending on the toll class, i.e. the type of vehicle and the duration of the planned road use. The e-vignette for Slovenia distinguishes between passenger cars and motorcycles. The vignette can be booked for a week or a month as well as for half a year or a whole year.

Vehicle category 1: Motorcycle

  • 7-day vignette ➔ 10.50 EUR (7.50 EUR Vignette + 3.00 bookingservice)
  • 6-month vignette ➔ 38.00 EUR (30.00 EUR Vignette + 8.00 EUR bookingservice)
  • 1-year vignette ➔ 64.00 EUR (55.00 EUR Vignette + 9.00 bookingservice)

Vehicle category 2A: Passenger car

  • 7-day vignette ➔ 18.00 EUR (15.00 EUR Vignette + 3 EUR bookingservice)
  • 1-month vignette ➔ 40.00 EUR (30.00 EUR Vignette + 10.00 bookingservice)
  • 1-year vignette ➔ 124.00 EUR (110.00 EUR Vignette + 14.00 EUR bookingservice)

Vehicle category 2B: Passenger car

  • 7-day vignette ➔ 33.00 EUR (30.00 EUR Vignette + 3.00 EUR bookingservice)
  • 1-month vignette ➔ 74.00 EUR (60.00 EUR Vignette + 14.00 EUR bookingservice)
  • 1-year vignette ➔ 242.00 EUR (220.00 EUR Vignette + 22.00 EUR bookingservice)

Does the Karavanks tunnel cost extra?

The Karavanks tunnel is not part of the route network subject to vignette and therefore costs extra. You can book the toll for the Karavanks tunnel easily and conveniently with us. Just have a look at our information about the vignette for Austria.

Checklist for the purchase of the vignette Slovenia Digital 2022

Whether it's a daily, monthly or annual vignette: before you start your journey to Slovenia, you should be in possession of a valid electronic vignette. Check the following points when making your booking so that nothing stands in the way of your journey:

  •  Are the license plate number and country of registration entered correctly?  

  •  Has the correct toll class been selected?  

  • Is the validity start date of the e-vignette correct?

If all points are checked off and the data entered correctly, you can complete the purchase of your vignette. After the booking you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. This confirmation email is your proof of purchase and should be kept at least until the expiry date of your e-vignette.

Vignette for Slovenia from mautwelt

Do you still have questions? We have compiled further information on the digital vignette in our FAQ section. In addition to the e-vignette for Slovenia, you can also book digital vignettes for the Czech Republic or for Austria and other countries at mautwelt.

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