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If you plan to drive your car or motorhome (up to 3.5 tonnes) on the highways or expressways in the Czech Republic, you need to buy a vignette for the Czech Republic. Motorcyclists are exempt from the toll and do not need a vignette. You can buy vignette Czech Republic at Czech sales points such as petrol stations or online at mautwelt. To avoid high fines for violating the vignette obligation, you should be in possession of a valid toll vignette before driving on Czech freeways.

For all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes total weight (large motorhomes, trucks or buses), the toll is recorded via the MYTO CZ box depending on weight, number of axles, emission class and the distance travelled, and then invoiced.

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Validity period
 Price        E-Vignette       Bookingservice
1-day-vignette    12,00 €       8,00 €       4,00 €
10-day-vignette    16,00 €       11,00 €       5,00 €
30-day-vignette    28,00 €        18,00 €       10,00 €
Year-vignette   104,00 €         92,00 €       12,00 €

In our blog post "Toll changes for March 2024 in the Czech Republic", we inform you about the changes to the Czech toll system, the current vignette prices and the new 1-day vignette on offer.

Online Vignette Czech Republic - Vignette obligation for passenger cars

According to the Czech vignette system, the e-vignette has been valid in the Czech Republic since 01.01.2021. The purchase of the vignette is obligatory for all motor vehicles with at least four wheels and up to a permissible total weight of 3.5 tons when using the freeways and expressways. 

The Czech e-vignette can be purchased online, for example in a few steps at mautwelt, or at various sales points in the Czech Republic. 

You can choose between the daily e-vignette, monthly e-vignette and annual e-vignette.

Attention ☛ 

Anyone who violates the vignette obligation in the Czech Republic and drives without a valid e-vignette must expect a fine of up to 5000 crowns. This corresponds to about 200 €

Bild mit Autobahn in Tschechien

In our blog post "Holidays in the Czech Republic - Why the neighbouring country is (at least) worth a trip", we introduce you not only to the capital Prague with its castle and historical centre, but also to other destinations for a cultural and culinary visit, as well as areas and regions for sports and recreation in the Czech Republic.

Toll roads in the Czech Republic - controls

Since the introduction of the "E-Vinjeta" in the Czech Republic, the police have been using the camera systems of the old HGV toll system to check valid E-vignettes on the motorway network, at checkpoints and in toll control vehicles, among other things.

As soon as you cross the border into the Czech Republic, a check is carried out on the basis of the vehicle registration number to see whether a valid Czech vignette is present for the vehicle in the system.

According to Czech law, it is not possible to be punished automatically by the camera checks. Instead, if a vignette is missing or invalid, mobile patrols are dispatched on the basis of the checks that have been carried out.

In this case, a fine of € 300 is to be expected; the associated fine notice will be sent to you by registered mail with return receipt.

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Frequently asked questions about the digital vignette for the Czech Republic

Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tons must use a toll box in the Czech Republic to pay the route-related toll. The toll device which is called Premid-Box, replaces the vignette for vehicles over 3.5 tons. The amount of the toll is based on the road category, the distance driven, the vehicle category, the weight class, the number of axles, the emission class and the time of day.

Trikes and motorcycles are exempt from the toll sticker in the Czech Republic. The toll exemption also applies to motorcycles with sidecars and trailer vehicles in this country. Therefore, if you plan to drive on Czech freeways and expressways with a motorcycle or a car with a trailer, you do not need a separate e-vignette for this.

In the Czech Republic, the police use the cameras of the old truck toll system to check valid e-vignettes. The license plate number is used to check whether there is a valid vignette for the vehicle. An automatic hunch by the camera checks is not possible according to Czech law. Instead, mobile patrols are dispatched based on the checks if a vignette is missing.
The electronic annual vignette for the Czech Republic differs from the former vignette in that it is not bound to a calendar year. This means that you can use your e-vignette for 12 months from the time it is first issued - or from the date you choose - regardless of the date of purchase. Thus, an annual vignette booked on 25.02.2024 is valid until 24.02.2025.

Toll-free routes in the Czech Republic

To avoid the vignette obligation and thus the purchase of a vignette, toll-free roads are an alternative to freeways and expressways. In the Czech Republic, no tolls are charged on country roads and local roads. Some sections of freeways are also exempt from the e-vignette requirement. You can recognize these sections by the blue freeway sign with a crossed-out vignette, or also by signs with the inscription BEZ POPLATKU.

A few and short sections of motorways are also exempt from the e-vignette requirement. You can recognise these stretches of motorway by the blue motorway sign with a crossed-out vignette, or by signs with the inscription BEZ POPLATKU.

All motorways, the sections near the border and the motorways around the capital Prague are subject to tolls. For a relaxed journey to and within the Czech Republic, we therefore recommend an e-vignette Czech Republic.


Vignette for Czech Republic: Available periods and vehicle categories

You can obtain e-vignettes for the Czech Republic for a period of 10 days, 1 month or 1 year. For a short trip of one week, you can order the 10-day vignette at a favourable price; for a longer trip with a later return journey through Slovenia, on the other hand, the monthly vignette is the best choice. If you travel regularly in the Czech Republic, it is best to buy a vignette for one year.

A toll sticker (in Czech: "dalnici známka") is required for all cars or motorhomes with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes, but motorbikes and trailers are exempt from the toll sticker requirement.

All vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes (large motorhomes, buses and trucks) require a toll box, where the toll is calculated per kilometre depending on the number of axles and emission class, e.g. the MYTO CZ toll box.

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With just a few clicks you can purchase your digital vignette for the Czech Republic from us. You benefit from many advantages such as immediate validity upon application and fast delivery of the vignette by e-mail.

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  • The e-vignette is valid immediately.
  • The validity periods of the e-vignette can be freely selected.
  • With an e-vignette Czech Republic you can easily pay the toll costs via electronic payment system.
  • e-vignette is available for all toll categories.
  • You benefit from fast processing.

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Our offer on also gives you the opportunity to purchase the vignette Czech Republic. The ordering process is uncomplicated and quick, without language barriers - in German. All you have to do is enter your details for the vignette, go to the checkout and the vignette is already practically available.

Only a few steps are required to order the vignette for the Czech Republic. You simply select the vignette you want (10 days, 1 month or 1 year) enter your personal details and the registration number of your vehicle and submit your order. We will then register your number plate with the Czech toll operator, which will be linked to the corresponding e-vignette in the system.

The costs of applying for, managing and registering the e-vignette for the Czech Republic are included in the booking service. You do not need to worry about anything else. Sofort Banking, PayPal or your credit card are available as fast and secure payment options.

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With our e-vignette Czech Republic, you can drive on Czech motorways with complete peace of mind, knowing that you have taken care of everything necessary for the toll.

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In addition to the e-vignette Czech Republic, we also offer digital vignettes for Slovenia, for Austria, for Switzerland and other countries.

For more information on the online vignette for the Czech Republic and other European countries, please visit our FAQ section.

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