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Who we are and how we want to make your travel easier

About us – mautwelt GmbH – online vignettes for all EU countries

We - mautwelt - are THE provider for electronic vignettes in Europe. We are gradually offering all European electronic vignettes. In many countries there is already an electronic alternative - the e-vignette. The big difference to online vignettes from mautwelt is that these providers each have their own website per country, sometimes with poor translation and their own, often not very customer-friendly ordering process.

Mautwelt offers a platform for all EU countries and a customer service for all questions around the toll!

How the company mautwelt was founded

The founders Julian Schmelzer and Simon Baumgartner asked themselves one question over a long period of time:
Why is there no platform where you can order all vignettes electronically and comfortably from home?

Julian Schmelzer - mautwelt GmbH

The answer was quite simple: a platform for all EU countries. The idea of mautwelt was created, and in 2022 the website went online as the second company in the toll sector of the two founders. 

The team behind mautwelt has already gathered many years of experience in the field of tolls, especially for cars, motorhomes and motorcycles for you.

In 2020 Simon and Julian founded their first company is the leading provider of toll boxes for private customers in German-speaking countries. 

The platform covers all countries subject to tolls where vignettes are not mandatory.

Simon Baumgartner - mautwelt GmbH


The headquarters of mautwelt is located in beautiful Upper Bavaria, very close to the Bavarian Sea, in Rosenheim. Rosenheim is known for its beautiful city center, the "Rosenheim Cops", the many mountains and lakes nearby.

An optimal location to think about how a vacation trip can be made even easier and more comfortable.

Stellwerk18 in Rosenheim

GoGreen - environment concerns us all!

By using the digital version of the vignette, fewer sticker vignettes have to be produced, thus fewer emissions are emitted. The waste of vignettes and their receipts are spared and no more chaos with all the receipts and no more polluting the planet.

In addition, digital route tolls (e.g. Brenner, Tauern, etc.) will reduce congestion at the corresponding toll stations, thereby blowing less CO2 into the atmosphere and reducing the greenhouse effect.

Our customers are important to us

For us, the customer is the center of attention. Every day we ask ourselves how we can make the toll in Europe easier for our customers. Our customer service will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about tolls. Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Stay informed!

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