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What is an e-vignette and how does it work?

The e-vignette is the electronic alternative to the toll sticker. With this digital vignette, the license plate of the vehicle is registered for a certain period of time. There are automatic checkpoints on the highways that check the license plates. Here it is recognized for which license plate an electronic vignette is booked and for which not.

We have compiled further information for you in our blog article:
"What is an e-vignette and how does it work?" books the corresponding digital vignettes for you with the toll operators in the countries Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic as well as Slovenia and is your one-stop contact for all European e-vignettes.

We answer further questions about the e-vignette in our FAQ section.

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The digital route toll - the supplement to the electronic vignette

In addition to the digital vignette, or e-vignette, which pays the toll on a time-related basis, for example for 10 days, there is also the route-related toll.

In some countries, such as Italy and France, tolls are charged on a route-related basis instead of a vignette. In these cases, there are usually designated places where you stop to pay your route toll directly on the spot, in Austria e.g. for the A13 Brenner motorway or the A10 Tauern motorway.

We have compiled further information for you in our blog article:
"What is a digital route toll?"

However, there is also an electronic alternative for paying the route toll in the form of a toll box. Through our partner you can get a combination box for the countries Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, as well as Austria and Croatia (without the peninsula Istria) which you can book in addition to your e-vignette.

Kontrolle der E-Vignette per Mautbrücken

Order digital vignettes online - Your advantages with mautwelt

mautwelt is THE German provider for the online purchase of electronic vignettes.

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Choose between an annual vignette and the electronic vignette valid for several days or one or more months.

Digital route toll

With our partner you have the option to process the route-related toll for Italy, France, Spain and Portugal via a toll box.

No more annoying scratching off the old sticker vignette
Save yourself time and effort, the digital vignette is valid immediately from the start date without sticking.

All European vignettes as electronic vignette

By and by we offer all European vignettes as e-vignettes in our online store mautwelt.

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We take online payments and data protection seriously and meet the highest security standards, so you can shop without worry.

Fast customer service

We are available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have about e-vignettes and route tolls. Simply get in touch with us.

Driving without a valid vignette

Driving without any valid vignette can become expensive. Even if the vehicle is not your property, but is only rented. The driver must always comply with the vignette and toll obligation himself. Even before you cross the country border on toll freeways, you should make sure that you are in possession of a valid vignette in the form of an sticker vignette or an e-vignette for the respective country, e.g. Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic or Slovenia.

We have compiled further information for you in this blog article:
"Watch out for the vignette - fines are imminent!"

The penalties for failing to comply with the vignette requirement vary depending on the regulations of the countries. Below, we have compiled an overview of the penalties incurred for the countries of Austria, the Czech RepublicSlovenia and Switzerland (Status: 2024).

Country Type of penalty Amount of penalty
Austria Substitute toll

Passenger cars Motor homes: € 120

Motorcycles: € 65

Czech fine5.000 Kč (approx. € 200)
Slovenia fine between € 300 and € 800
Switzerland fine 200 CHF plus vignette purchase

Answers to frequently asked questions about our e-vignette:

Your digital vignette purchased from mautwelt e.g. for Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Repbulic or Slovenia is valid from the date 0 o'clock selected in the order process. If you order an electronic toll sticker for today, it will be valid from the time you receive the control section by e-mail.

The validity period depends on your selection of the validity period. In the second step of your order, simply choose between a validity of several days, one or more months or even a year.

In most countries, motor vehicles up to a weight of 3.5 tons are required to pay a vignette on all freeways.

On some routes in Austria there is an additional route toll, the special toll. In addition, in many countries where no toll sticker is required, there is a route toll for vehicles up to 3.5 tons, which can be paid by a toll box (e.g. from our partner, cash, or credit card.

Digital vignettes and stick-on vignettes basically perform the same function. The difference between them is that digital vignettes can be conveniently ordered online and you don't have to worry about anything. You don't have to worry about how to attach the vignette to the windshield or, if the validity has expired, how to scratch it off again.

Sticker vignettes, on the other hand, are usually purchased at a stationary location like a gas station. You then affix them as a sticker to your vehicle's windshield.

The sticker vignette is attached to the inside of your car's windshield so that the vignette is clearly visible. Easier and more convenient is the digital vignette.

How to apply the adhesive vignette correctly:
  • Clean the surface of the windshield from any grease and dirt beforehand so that the sticker vignette adheres well.
    • In case of frost, the car should be warmed up by the heater before applying the vignette.
  • Apply the sticker either on the upper left side of the driver's side or on the window behind the rearview mirror.
    • Recommended position is at eye level, between 1.50 and 1.70m above the ground.
    • On motorcycles, the vignette is attached in a clearly visible position on a part that is difficult to replace, such as the tank.
  • The backing film must be completely removed. You should keep the backing film. The lower part of your vignette is proof that you are in possession of a valid vignette.
    • In Austria, replacement vignettes are issued upon presentation of the carrier foil, for example, if the windshield is broken.
  • Do not peel off the vignette after sticking it on to change its position. This will damage the adhesive vignette and thus cause it to lose its validity.
For motorhomes over 3 meters high and weighing more than 3.5 tons, our partner also offers a toll box. This can be used in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. This makes the first provider of a toll box for large motorhomes that can be used in five countries.

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