Arlberg motorway (S16) in Austria

an important transport link in Austria

by Helga Meyer, - 11 January 2024

The Arlberg Expressway (S16) is an important transport link in Austria, which crosses the Arlberg Pass and connects the federal states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol. The motorway runs along a scenic route and is important for both regional and international traffic.

The toll section is located between the St. Anton am Arlberg junction and the Langen am Arlberg junction: St. Jakob toll station, operations centre, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

2023 / 2024 - The Albergtunnel gets a new carriageway

ASFINAG began renovating the Albergtunnel on 24 April 2023; the tunnel was closed for 6 months in 2023. In 2024, the tunnel will be closed from 15.04.2024 - November 2024. 

The Albergtunnel will be completely refurbished, the entire carriageway and the main drainage coating will be renewed. During this work, the electrical safety system must be switched off, without which the tunnel may not be used.

Alternative routes for the duration of the full closure: 

  • Arlbergpass road (B 197/L 197) 
  • Fernpass (B 179) 
  • Rosenheim-Munich route (Germany)
  • Gotthard (Switzerland) 
  • San Bernardino (Switzerland) 

What does this mean for the annual toll card?

If you have an annual toll card, the validity of the annual ticket is automatically extended for the duration of the suspension period.

How much does it cost to drive through the Albergtunnel?

Vehicle category Number of journeys / tickets Price Arlberg toll
Car / Motorbike Single journey 11,50 Euro Buy Arlberg route toll
Car / Motorbike Multi-journey map 69 Euro Buy Arlberg route toll
Car / Motorbike Multi-journey card Commuter 11,50 Euro Buy Arlberg route toll
Car / Motorbike Multi-journey card for drivers of disabled vehicles* free of charge
*Activation takes place automatically when booking the free digital vignette 

Multi-ride tickets for people with disabilities 

All customers who are entitled to a free annual vignette for people with disabilities also automatically receive a free section toll multi-journey card for the section toll sections on the A 9, A 10, A 13 and S 16 (not for the A 11 Karawanken motorway). They are also valid for one year. You can use them to drive through the toll stations as often as you like.

The Arlberg motorway (S16):

  1. Route: The S16 stretches over a distance of around 125 kilometres from the town of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg to Zams in Tyrol. It crosses the Arlberg Pass, a major Alpine pass. 
  2. Significance for transport: The Arlberg motorway is an important arterial road for freight transport and tourism traffic between western Austria and other regions of Europe. The road is particularly busy in winter due to its proximity to various ski resorts. 
  3. Toll obligation: The Arlberg motorway is a toll road. You can conveniently purchase the toll for the Arlberg motorway in our online shop. The e-vignette is valid immediately. 
  4. Winter conditions: The Arlberg motorway can be affected by snow and ice in winter due to its location in the Alps. Winter tyres or snow chains may be required at this time of year. Please check the current weather and road conditions before travelling. In various areas of Austria there are signs indicating that snow chains are compulsory. You should not ignore these. 

We wish you a pleasant journey through Austria.

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