On a journey of discovery through Slovenia

A fascinating journey of discovery...

by Helga Meier, mautwelt.de - 21 November 2023

Take a fascinating journey of discovery through Slovenia, a country rich in cultural treasures, breathtaking nature and historic cities. These travel tips will guide you through the most important sights without having to travel all over the country.

From the charming capital Ljubljana to the majestic Julian Alps and the picturesque coastal towns - experience Slovenia's diversity on an efficient tour. Repeatedly referred to as Europe's best-kept secret, Slovenia will inspire you too.

Ljubljana - The charming capital city

The tour starts in the capital Ljubljana, where you can experience historic architecture, cosy cafés and the picturesque Ljubljana River. Visit Ljubljana Castle for a breathtaking view over the city.

Bled - The jewel of the Julian Alps

Drive to Bled, only about 1 hour from Ljubljana. The picturesque Lake Bled with the island and Bled Castle awaits you here. Take a boat trip to the island or hike to the viewpoint at Bled Castle.

Bohinj - a natural paradise in the Alps

Continue to Lake Bohinj, around 30 minutes from Bled. Here you can enjoy the unspoilt nature of the Triglav National Park region. Take a boat trip on the lake or explore the surrounding mountains.

Škocjan Caves - An underground world

Head south-west to Škocjan, where the impressive Škocjan Caves are located. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a fascinating underground landscape with huge cave halls and an underground river.

Piran - The picturesque coastal town

Make your way to the Adriatic coast and visit the charming town of Piran. The old town centre with its narrow streets, squares and Venetian architecture is a delight. Enjoy the view from the bell tower of St George's Church.

Postojna Cave - Another underground world

Only about an hour from Piran, you can explore the Postojna Cave. This impressive cave is one of the most famous karst caves in the world. An electric railway takes you deep into the cave system.

Ptuj - The oldest town in Slovenia

Travel north-east to Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia. The city is rich in history and is home to the impressive Ptuj Castle and numerous historical monuments.

Maribor - wine and culture

Your journey ends in Maribor, the second largest city in the country. Here you can explore Maribor Castle, the Old Vine (the oldest vine in the world) and the picturesque banks of the Drava.

This suggested route allows you to experience the diversity of Slovenia without travelling across the country. Enjoy the charming towns, breathtaking nature and fascinating culture on this compact trip.

Travel planning

Planning your journey by car

Be aware that the motorways in Slovenia are subject to tolls and it is best to buy an e-vignette for your trip in advance in order to use the motorways efficiently. The A1, A2, A4 and A5 motorways are important routes that connect most of these attractions, and tolls are charged on all of these motorways in Slovenia. All information about tolls in Slovenia and the appropriate e-vignette for Slovenia can be found here:Digital vignette Slovenia - Valid immediately.

Travel planning by coach

Alternatively, you can also use public transport in Slovenia, especially for the routes between the larger cities. The bus network in Slovenia covers numerous routes and offers broad coverage. A large number of buses depart daily from the bus station in Ljubljana as well as from the country's larger cities. These bus connections allow travellers to reach most of Slovenia's tourist attractions. The only disadvantage, however, is that the buses stop practically everywhere. Although this has the advantage that you can get to know the country in all its diversity, it also means longer journey times. As a rule, bus journeys take about twice as long as journeys by car and in some cases even up to three times longer to reach certain destinations.

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