E-Vignette Slovenia

How to save time and money with the digital vignette

by Helga Meyer, mautwelt.de - 13. June 2024  

Enter the digital world of tolls: With the e-vignette Slovenia, you will experience a hassle-free and cost-effective solution for your journeys through the Slovenian motorway network. Find out everything you need to know about the purchase, validity and toll classes of this digital vignette in our article.

The advantages of the e-vignette Slovenia 

The e-vignette Slovenia offers a modern solution for paying the motorway toll. The digital Slovenia vignette saves you time and money. No more annoying stops at toll stations, because the Slovenia e-vignette is automatically valid for your vehicle. Validity begins at 00:00 on the day you choose and ends at 24:00 on the last day of validity. 

Buy the e-vignette Slovenia conveniently online. Note the toll categories for different vehicle types such as cars or motorbikes. Save yourself fines and inconvenience by purchasing and registering your e-vignette Slovenia in good time before you start your journey.

How does the e-vignette Slovenia work?

The Slovenia e-vignette works as a digital toll solution for vehicles using Slovenian motorways. Instead of a physical vignette, the Slovenia e-vignette is registered electronically and linked to the vehicle's licence plate number. 

The validity of the Slovenian e-vignette depends on the selected toll class and can be purchased for different periods, such as 7 days, 1 month, 6 months or 1 year.

Kaufmöglichkeiten für die E-Vignette Slowenien

You can purchase the e-vignette Slovenia conveniently and easily online from us. We offer you the option of purchasing the e-vignette conveniently via our website mautwelt.de. 

Please note that the e-vignette Slovenia for cars and other vehicles is available online for different toll categories. Validity begins on the day of purchase and extends over different periods depending on the option selected. 

Wichtig: Please check your vehicle data very carefully before you order the vignette for Slovenia, it is NOT possible to change the vehicle data afterwards!

Penalties and consequences for non-compliance with the e-vignette Slovenia

If you fail to purchase the digital e-vignette for Slovenia, you could be fined. Driving on Slovenian motorways without a valid vignette can be expensive. The DARS (operator of motorways and toll roads in Slovenia) closely monitors compliance with toll regulations, especially at border crossings with Austria.

Comparison: e-vignette vs. paper vignette in Slovenia

A comparison between the e-vignette and the paper vignette in Slovenia shows a clear advantage of the digital version. With the Slovenia e-vignette, you not only save time when buying, but also money. In contrast to the paper vignette, which has to be physically attached to the windscreen, the e-vignette is registered and activated electronically. 

This eliminates the hassle of affixing and removing the vignette when the validity expires or when changing or selling a vehicle. The validity is automatically recorded and you can flexibly adjust the toll classes online. Another advantage of the e-vignette Slovenia is that it can be used for different vehicles as long as they are registered to the same driver.

Is the Slovenia e-vignette valid immediately?

Yes, the e-vignette Slovenia is valid immediately. After you purchase and pay for the electronic vignette online, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail, which serves as proof that the vignette is valid. It is important to note that the Slovenia e-vignette is active from the time of purchase and you can use the motorways and motorways in Slovenia immediately. 

It is advisable to carry the confirmation e-mail or the electronic vignette on your mobile device or printed out during the journey in order to be able to pass any checks by the Slovenian authorities without any problems. The validity period of the Slovenian e-vignette starts from the time of purchase and ends after the specified period according to your choice (7 days, 1 month or 1 year).

How is the digital vignette checked in Slovenia?

The digital vignette in Slovenia is monitored by an electronic control system. There are cameras on the motorways that scan the number plates of vehicles and compare them with the database of purchased vignettes. This checks whether the vehicle has a valid digital vignette for Slovenia. 

If a vehicle is caught without a valid vignette, a fine is automatically issued. There are also mobile control units that carry out spot checks and verify compliance with the vignette requirement. In addition, the inspectors can also carry out manual checks, particularly at border crossings and motorway service areas. 

Compliance with the vignette requirement in Slovenia is therefore ensured by both technological monitoring and manual checks.

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